Google doodles Halloween with video

Google is celebrating Halloween with a time-lapse video “doodle” of pumpkins being carved.

The giant pumpkins sat on top of hay bales are carved in a frenzy of sped up activity throughout the short clip.

Then night falls and they are lit up inside with candles, each one bearing a stylised letter of the Google logo as is usual.

According to a post on the Google blog, the six gargantuan pumpkins were delivered from the nearby Half Moon Bay and some of them weighed in excess of a thousand pounds. The biggest was 1,300 pounds, apparently.

The carving was done in the middle of the company’s Mountain View campus, and took eight hours from start to finish.

A whole lot of other staff turned up in fancy dress to lend their support and watch the carving take place.

Should you wish to find out more about how the carving was organised, then there’s a behind the scenes video which is nearly five minutes long on the blog spot. Have a watch here.

As the carvers explained – each had responsibility for their own pumpkin, and were free to adopt any sort of style they wanted – the massive squashes had extremely thick walls which needed to be sawed through in some cases.

And there’s definitely something spookier about a grinning, lit up pumpkin which actually looks of a big enough size to eat you.